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Originally Posted by Ripper
Baghdatis - Fed:

Something happened during the last game of the 2nd set. It was 5 sets to Baghdatis, 6 to Federer. Baghdatis was serving and was up 40 - Love, 1 point away of forcing a Tie Break. Nevertheless, Federer won the next 5 points in a row! That was the turning point of the match! Federer stepped it up, right there, and caught Baghdatis by surprise. Baghdatis just couldn't adjust in time and, to make matters worst, his game lost all it's accuracy.

Henin Hardenne - Mauresmo:

Henin Hardenne is, probably, my favorite female player. So, it was hard to witness what Mauresmo was doing to her. Much harder yet, was to see her retire the way she did. I don't doubt that she was feeling sick, but I do doubt that she couldn't play to the end. IMHO, she would have looked a lot better, had she finished the match and explained, afterwards, what she went through. Why she elected to retire, just after the best and longest point of the match had been played (which she won, btw), I don't quite understand. Maybe, she thought that it was the perfect moment, because people were going to remember how good she was, eventhough she was feeling sick, not realizing that it would have an opposite effect. The truth will never be known, because only she knows what she was thinking.
I agree mate.
I thought i would say somthing considering no one else is posting on this...
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