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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
surprisingly low % for Borg

do you know what his bh error count was in the '77 USO final?
A little surprising considering his high % in the 79-81 finals. But he had low percentages in some matches against Connors, too, because he didn't have to worry about Jimmy taking his second serve and coming in behind it. I think this was similar, except that Borg really wasn't even doing much with the first serve. He knew it would come down to rallying with Vilas and he didn't put any special effort into his serving.

And Vilas didn't, either, for the most part. Very casual serving in large stretches of this match, just start-the-point serving.

It's pretty rare to see a player go a whole set without missing a return, but Borg did it in the first set, Vilas in the second.

I do think Vilas started to do more with his serves at the end when he decided to do some SV.

Don't have Vilas' BH stat for '77.

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