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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
I think I know what is going on. You aren't buying a Series ticket, right? I went back to the site - Section 11 is available if you buy for the whole tournament - Section 12 if you just pick one day (I picked Thurs).

What club do you play at? I met a huge group from Makati that used to come to Shanghai when it hosted the Tennis Masters Cup from '05-'08. They play at the Polo Club.

Stop by Section 11 - I'll be in the front row all week. Probably have one of the RF hats on.
Yes I bought tickets for one day only (Friday - Quarterfinals day).

I actually don't play tennis, enjoy watching though and supporting Federer. It will be my first time watching professional tennis live so really looking forward to it. Also, hoping that I get to see Federer live.

I'll try to drop by Section 11. I'm planning to wear RF's red French Open polo
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