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Wink Völkl C10 Pro Club!


I've been testing my C10 Pro (2008 Version), and I'm so impressed. It weights like 350 grams with the overgrip plus the dampener, but his H.L. balance, do this stick, a friendly arm racket.

I'm very impressed, its so playable, the feel with the ball is really great, it hasn't a big sweet spot, but this racket, has a lot of control, I've never found a racket with more control than this, anyway I didn't tested all the rackets of the world obviously, but the control and the precision are great too.

One thing that I loved from this stick, is the spin, is so easy use it to generate a lot of spin, it impressed me so much.

I liked it on the serve, it's easy move this racket to generate power, at least it's easy for me, I loved the feeling hitting with the backhand or forehand, this stick impressed me in general.

Let here your opinions and screenies, about this famous and great stick, Völkl answered me on Facebook, and they told me that they're working on new cosmetic for 2012.

Join our club!

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