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I played another hour and a half or so with the gut/HT racquet. The stringbed definitely has broken in now as it's changed its playing characteristics a LOT. Although the power is still there, I fully understand what TW found when they tested this string setup. The spin compared to the B5E/WT racquet is simply not a comparison. This truly is the most spin producing setup I have ever used in my life. Again, I don't believe in statements like "everything dropped in at the last second!", but this is about as close as it gets. Slices in particular are absolutely deadly. YOu can drive it with so much pace, but it just does not bounce once it hits the ground. It skids and stays extra low. For topspin, I found myself time and again simply using the best thing about gut mains: power redirection along with a followthrough to return serve or neutralize big shots. In other words, no swing is necessary as you can simply return any shot with the power it was hit with, but add an incredible amount of heaviness by simply finishing low-high. However, if you get a ball with little pace on it, including a good slice, the added power can still be a problem. Trying to unload on anything other than an approach shot or a deep ball near you will yield unpredictable depth. If you work your feet though, you can create outstanding angles, and without question the heaviest shots and absolutely humming serves that I've ever seen.

Updated Overall: 9.55/10

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