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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Condolences, Fuji.

My dog is an Australian Shepherd. He is a show dog reject. His coloring on his hind quarters is a bit off, and he has a coloboma (sp) in his eyes, meaning his pupils have an irregular shape.

Showdog rejects make awesome pets. Their owners are careful with their breeding, so he came with hip certification. Because he was bred for the show ring, he lacks much of the herding instinct that can make a herding dog a pain in the backside. Mostly, he follows me around the house begging for a bit of cheese.

I will see if I can find a pic to post. . . .
Thanks Cindy!

It's for sure one of the reason I love show dogs. The owners make sure their dogs are in the best possible health and they are usually pretty friendly to boot.

Oh you are so lucky! A friend of mine got an Australian Shepard as well, thinking it was going to be a house dog. Yeah, no LOL! They live on a huge piece of farm land, and all it does is chase cattle all day. Seriously, that's it. You can't even play with it unless you go in and chase cows towards it. It's a crazy little beast.

My little piggy dog did the same thing. He didn't eat dog food, our vet told us to keep up optimal health to cook him dinner every night. I made him Fish Sticks, green beans and hashbrowns every night for like 10 years. LOL! The only treats he got were frozen fish sticks and sometimes some sausages!

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