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Default TWU Racquet Finder: Quick Tour/How to

The new TWU Racquet Finder provides access to all kinds of data so a quick screen shot tutorial seemed in order to familiarize everyone with its possibilities.

First go to the Racquet Finder (

Here is the default screen:

First choose your UNITS under the "FIND" button. Next, choose your SEARCH items on the left, your comparison operator, and the number to be compared to. The "TYPICAL INPUT" boxes will change as you change specs or units and the input box will light up in red to remind you to check that your units and the number match.Choose the order your results are to be presented by choosing from the "SORT" options.

Here is a search--click the "FIND" button to get the results:

For instructions, click the INSTRUCTIONS button:

For definitions and explanations of specs, click the spec in the table header row:

To be continued in next post...
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