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Default TWU Racquet Finder 9: Plowthrough


Each hitting location has a different PLOWTHROUGH value that primarily depends on the swingweight and hittingweight. It is a measure of the stability of the racquet at each location. The Plowthrough changes with each different shot, so a standard shot was used here (ball velocity=30mph, racquet speed=60mph, angle of impact=90 degrees). The value indicated is the amount of racquet speed remaining after the impact of the ball. The racquet slows down in three ways: it moves backward, it twists backward, and it rotates at the wrist backward. It also bends backward. The calculation does not include any acceleration of the racquet by the player. It is as if a flying racquet and ball collided with each other. This assumption isolates the impact event so we can see the role of the racquet only.

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