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Thanks TW Professor for the tutorial and explanations.

I asked these questions in another thread regarding head size where you posted about spin window...
Originally Posted by VGP View Post
TW Professor, thanks for showing/explaining how to use the spin window tool.

Are you going to add the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 to the racket data since it's currently available.

It really would be a great "frame" of reference.
Although the PS85 is sold out as of this post.

Originally Posted by VGP View Post
One more thing, why is the spin window of the BLX Six-One Tour at 5.29 inches 0.22 inches smaller than the kPro Staff 88 and 0.16 inches smaller than the kSix-One Tour 90 when they all essentially have the same head sizes and beam widths?
Thanks for your efforts to make all this information available to the end users.
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