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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
The next experiment is underway.

I strung up my Wilson Prostaff 4.7 EB Stretch 115" with 17g Kevlar mains and 16g Prince Tournament Poly crosses at 72 lbs, but skipped the outer 2 mains, the bottom 2 crosses, and the top cross. This turned the the 18x20 pattern into a 14x17. My normal tension is 55 lbs with full 18x20 pattern with this string in this frame. Despite the large headsize, the pattern on this tweener frame is much denser in the center than most frames (a lot denser than my RDS001MP). This is one of my all-time favorite racquets, with amazing control, especially when weighted with the same specs as the racquet in my signature. So I'm eager to test this out. Will report back.
Tried this for serves last night - was quite nice, especially after a little tuning (added a couple grams to the top of the handle and 1/2 g to the tip).

Stringbed felt a little stiffer than I expected - I could probably go a few pounds lower, but I'll wait and see how it feels after it's broken in before rushing to judgment.

I agree with the last poster about poly's being over-rated because their playable lifetime is so short
POG OS. 368 SW, 12.54" balance, 21.0 MgR/I.
Problend kevlar 16 / Prestretched SPPP 17, 72/50 lbs.
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