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I think it's the depth of players not just the few who are blue chippers that make a section tough.

I am often surprised when juniors move from our section (Texas) where they were ranked in the 40 -50's and they show as being in the top 10 in their new section and sometimes #1 in the state that they move too.

Probably should be a new thread but how is every section set up to track/manage juniors? In Texas there are 3 levels, ZATs, Champs and Super Champs. To move onto each level you have to accumulate points from the best of 3-4 tournaments (# of tournaments depends on level) on a rolling calendar year. So for B12's there are around 584 ranked players in all three divisions. Boys 16's has close to 1200 ranked players.

One kid is listed as #1 Oregon but is in the 60's (after playing a year here) in TX.
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