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Originally Posted by Shasha View Post
I'm sorry for that, dude, I found the stick so arm friendly.
Again, I also found it arm-friendly, its just that my shoulder becomes fatigued from the weight & me trying to hit w/ 5.0 players 1/2 my age in 100 degree heat on clay.

Change it to fast indoor courts, and I can still hang w/ the young guns, but when my strike zone is raised to above my shoulders, eventually I become worn down. I've tried moving in and moving back, but in each case my whole game gets screwed up.

I probably need some form of surgery, but I'm not willing to take 6-9 months off. And to reiterate, I believe the injury comes from repeated falls on the wakeboard & snowboard, where my arm is either snapped back hard or my shoulder driven into the ground, NOT the racket.
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