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Originally Posted by Ripper
Baghdatis - Fed:

Something happened during the last game of the 2nd set. It was 5 sets to Baghdatis, 6 to Federer. Baghdatis was serving and was up 40 - Love, 1 point away of forcing a Tie Break. Nevertheless, Federer won the next 5 points in a row! That was the turning point of the match! Federer stepped it up, right there, and caught Baghdatis by surprise. Baghdatis just couldn't adjust in time and, to make matters worst, his game lost all it's accuracy.
Very good analysis, Ripper.

I just watched that part of the match again, and I would say the previous game, when Federer was serving at 5-5, took a lot out of Baghdatis. There were several long rallies, some of which Baghdatis won to force the game to a couple of deuces, but towards the end of that game, he looked like all the work he had put in during the last 6 matches was catching up with him. He looked visibly different.

Serving down 5-6, he got only one first serve in, and, as you said, Fed won 5 points in a row, winning the set and effectively the match.
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