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Originally Posted by BLiND View Post
I think this is a great idea, and does explain why different racqets with the same number of strings and different head sizes play different.

Vantage 95" 18x20 = TSDV 113mm
Vantage 95" 16x19 = TSDV 123mm
Vantage 100" 16x19 = TSDV 134mm
Head Speed Pro 98" 16x19 = TSDV 118mm
Head Speed MP 100" 18x20 = TSDV 123mm

I would say the control of each racquet directly correlates with the lower TSDV s.
You're dead right about control correlating to this value. It also has a huge impact on stinging choice.

I just went through four attempts at getting my Speed MP 18x20 strung right. At first I was approaching it as a "dense" 18x20 with respect to string choice. I then switched from 17g Team (used in my truly dense PSLGT) to 18g Touch (used in my more open PB10 Mid.). I was simply stuck in the 18=dense mindset.

WOW! Huge improvement! As one friend noted the Speed MP now plays like a much spinnier version of the Pb10 Mid after some tweaks to the weight and balance. Stringing it as an "open" pattern was the needed it's power dampened a bit with slightly thicker and stiffer mains. Stringing it as a dense pattern with a thinner main resulted in too much power.

Just as we all have preferred weights and balances we probably have preferred TSDVs. After lots of recent demoing And measuring I find too little control and too much power over 123mm or so.
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