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I didn't measure the crosses, only the mains straight across from number 6 on the left to number 6 on the right (in fact you can simply run your ruler along a cross). I came up with the 12 after observing where the ball fuzz peters out on my frames and the relative size of the ball vs string pattern. There might be a better measure but the 12 center mains seem to get a lot of play. One could argue for a smaller value such as 6 or 8 mains but that's too small imo.

I sort of like the idea of the diagonal since it considers both mains and crosses. On the other hand, since mains provide the vast majority of the feel and spin, maybe only using the mains is more accurate.

In any case, after talking to some other players and stringers locally, they too agree that string density isn't really represented well by "string pattern". But like all of us they never really thought about it before. Conventional wisdom is 16 = open and 18 = dense. I think we're learning that it really isn't the case. The Dunlop AG 100 has 16 mains but could never be described as "open". And many 104"-107" heads might have 18 mains but they're far from "dense" in terms of control!
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