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Default Modding a Silent Partner for Longer Play?

So I've recently made a couple threads on the forums & honestly thanks to help from some great people on here, have decided that buying a Silent Partner Machine would be the best bang for my buck. The LITE or SPORT models seem to be great for under $1,000 & ultimately do everything you need with the exception of customizable or preset workouts & etc. So my question is if I buy the LITE, I've had someone tell me that buying the LITE then getting a longer lasting Battery would be the trick. So here's my question, where would I get one, From the SP Store or from another store. What type would I need & is the install for it easy?

I also just wanted to confirm this as well, because someone told me this, but I just wanted to make sure that I could do overheads with the LITE model? Someone said there's a leg extension in the front of the machine to lift it up in order for Overheads to be done, just wanted a confirmation on this as well?

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