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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
How is Borg still above Nadal now?
It amazes me this is even a question but since I'm such a nice person I'll clarify things for you. I won't even use arguments from other fan groups( Fed fans, Novak fans, historians etc.) since they're overall very biased against Rafa but rather I'll just concentrate on a few things that Nadal fans themselves stated quite often.

According to the majority of Nadal fans 2004-2007 was an extremely weak period of tennis overall (weak era as it is often calle by little bulls) and half of Nadal's current # of FO titles comes from that period so given that it was a weak era than 3 of Nadal's FO titles are weak themselves, Borg on the other hand has no such problem given that all of his FO titles were won in a strong era.

Another issue is that of a main rival, according to Borg fans Vilas was an amazing physical specimen, real beast and warrior on court and a great player overall(even underrated according to them).

Nadal's main rival on the other hand again according to Nadal fans( as I said it wouldn't be fair to use biased statements from other fan groups) is a mentally weak crybaby who has no BH and who basically owes all of his titles to luck, weak opponents(bums, chokers, babies etc.), pansy draws, rigged schedules etc. etc.

Overall when we compare:

FO titles won in strong era-> Borg-6 Nadal-3

Borg's main CC rival>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nadal's main CC rival

Conclusion: Even according to his own fans Nadal is inferior to Borg so what's the discussion here? Borg>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nadal
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