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I strung up an old PD last night leaving off the first and last crosses.

I was originally going to leave off the last mains as well, but discovered I'd have to enlarge a couple top grommet holes prior to stringing (next time), as there are no tie off location on the head of the frame.

I also sprayed the entire string bed with silicone after stringing. I have to say the poly does move even better with a light dusting of silicone spray.

I'll give it a hit tonight

Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I agree with the last poster about poly's being over-rated because their playable lifetime is so short
They aren't overrated just have to be re-strung every 12-15 hours if you use a nice soft poly like Isospeed Baseline. Stiff poly's need to be restrung in half that time.

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