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Originally Posted by Shasha View Post
Oh no you didn't!

Yep, this honey's got me nicely hooked as well. Fortunately, a buddy warned me about the upper hoop flex and how these racquets can be "tip dead", or I might have thought the the 2nd hand C10's I first picked up a while back were all used up. Have to admit that I've grown to appreciate that personality quirk and I even wonder whether that flex up there in the head helps to "magnify" the overall softness in this racquet. I hit a rather big one-handed backhand and keep mine strung up with rather snug 17 ga. syn. gut, but can't say I've ever even had a twinge.

I try not to get too hung up on paint jobs or superficial cheese, but I have to admit that I was quite surprised with the decision to change from the '08 look - an oh-so-sexy beast - to the "unfortunate veneer" they've got now. Had to wonder if they'd lost their pride back in Germany! Mine are the hilarious bumble-bee generation... loud and proud. Good to hear that a new attempt at a decent look for this Volkl is in the works.
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