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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
the overrating of polys comes from the perception of those players who basically don't need the benefits polys bring along with them.
my time window is around 10 hitting hours until the string breaks - i play a heavy topspin centered game and polys do benefit my game, as i have been able to find quite a few that don't go dead on me within this time window.
if you hit flat you will surely look for other characteristics than what polys bring to your game and you will surely not break strings so often. in such a case, a dead poly (even the "good" ones i found will most probably go dead around the 15 hours mark) will not benefit your game and you will think of it as overrated - which in that particular case is also correct.
I disagree.

I'm a 4.5-5.0 player. I hit quite hard and with plenty of spin, and I would no longer consider playing with strings that are less spin-friendly than poly.

I also would be breaking strings in less than an hour if I used syn gut.

My contention is that even 10 hours of play is a ridiculously short playing life, and that the tennis string industry has a good scam going with the this poly craze.

I'm a former Problend user (used it for more than 15 years, strung at 77 lbs in a Wilson Profile OS). Problend would last me about 30 hours in that racquet before it broke (where syn gut only lasted 30 minutes at that tension).

I currently use Kevlar mains (crossed with poly) because it let's me keep playing with decent stringbed performance for 20, 40, even 50 hours. However, I'll note that I'm finding myself stringing this combo somewhat tighter than I did at first, because the poly crosses do lose quite a bit of tension over time, and once it does, control can suffer. I like to string it so that it will feel perfect after the poly crosses have stretched out. It stays playable because the combo never loses it's string-in-string lubricity.
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