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everybody surely is entitled to their own opinion. the craze started by the industry is there because it has found fruitful soil and it was possible to develop an own "life". most part of this overrating comes from the minds of the people!
in order to just continue your line of thought i would continue to say that the most crap strings are natty gut. there is the real craze about it - i play heavy topspin and string life of 45 minutes in full bed is absolutely not satisfactory. as opposed to this i get some 10 hours out of poly and kevlar i have no intention to try because of my shoulder.
i'm through with a poly before it dies! of course there are some that die before, but i have learned to avoid them.
i know very well that the marketing and most of all the advertising departments lie in the sense of exaggerating or telling half-truths - surely you can put more spin on the ball with a string like a poly, it is the technique though that comes first - the string itself won't spin the ball. if people buy this, it's not so much the advetising people to blame but the believers.
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