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Originally Posted by watergirl View Post
16 zonals is wrapping up in Texas and 2 TX teams will be playing for the championship. The order of the first 5 finishers is 3 Texas teams, 1 of the Eastern teams, the 4th Tx team. Texas and Eastern sent 4 teams, Pacific Northwest 2 and Northern 2.

Of note was the how dominating the TX teams were in doubles.

I would agree with Florida and the California sections being 1, 2, 3 but would put Texas after that.

I have heard from college coaches that they also list the sections in that order.
Your Zonals example is not a good one - check the local ranking of the Eastern girls who are playing there. I believe they could not even find 24 girls and are using local substitutes. Not many players who qualified for Supernats will also fly across the country to play at 120F heat in Waco, TX.
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