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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Just after viewing the video on the 1975 WCT finals and the comments in the video, that at the time it was viewed as a major and the Australian Open wasn't. (See commentry about 2 minutes from end where it says that the 1975 WCT finals was Arthur Ashe's first major win in 7 years. Note: Ashe won the 1968 US Open, the 1970 Australian Open before the 1975 WCT finals tournament).

This got me thinking that (And this has been confirmed by a number of places I have read in 1970's tennis publications) for all intents and purposes that we should treat the WCT finals as a Major and not consider the Australian Open a major during that time period. Certainly between 1972 and 1982 the Australian Open was certainly not really considered a major by the players. The years around the end one could debate. The WCT finals started in 1971, the same year the Australian Open had a deep field (which was the exception in those years). 1983 the top players started coming back to the Australian Open, but in losing the semi's in late 1985 Lendl commented that he didn't believe the Australian Open was a major really (might have just been hard feelings in losing... don't know.... he normally was a really straight talker though). Certainly by January 1988 when the Australian Open moved to Flinders Park on hard court it was a reconsidered a full major. The only question is the 1983 to 1987 period.

So looking at the careers of some players who until 1983 didn't take the Australian too seriously:

McEnroe - you could add at least 3 or 4 of his 5 WCT final wins to his 7 Grand Slam victories to have 10 or 11 equivalent majors.

Borg - you could add his 1 WCT final win to his 11 Grand Slams to have 12 equivalent majors.

Rosewall - I think he is the same - you take off the 1972 Australian Open but add on the 1972 WCT. The 1971 Australian Open win should stay on his resume because it was a deep field that year, hence you can't include his 1971 WCT finals win.

Lendl - you could add his 1982 and 1985 WCT final wins to have 10 equivalent majors.

Connors - you could take of his 1974 Australian and add on his two WCT finals wins to have an equivalent 9 majors.

Note: To those who say that the WCT finals had a much smaller field that a Grand Slam event... remember the qualification standard to get into the event was much higher than a Grand Slam ie players already had to qualify by being high up the WCT points system.
yeas, but you should also add the Masters.Orantes would have 2 majors (USO 75 and Masters 76), so would Gerulaitis ( AO 78 and WCT 7.Smith,Ashe,Nastase,Newcombe,Rosewall,Edberg,Be cker would also have more majors under their belt.
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