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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
The hosting state at Zonals should have the inside track.

They should.....but not the case in both years my kid played. (local section got killed)

But Zonals doesn't draw all the best players so it's not an accurate indicator of what section is the best.

Maybe not the best couple of kids....but many of the 5-25 play which (as the other poster mentioned) & since (say) 15 of the best 18 boys or girls are playing, then the results of these matches would indicate the depth.....or lack of depth of the various sections.

The reason Zonals doesn't draw just about everyone include:

1. Time commitment. Agree. It's another week long commitment in the summer.

2. Expense (hotel, travel, food). Agree.

3. No impact on rankings. In my observation....Not accurate. My kid earned the same number of points at Zonals that he did in winning the L3 Regional tournament.

(maybe if you're top 10 in the nation, 300 points wouldn't help a kids record, but line 1 or line 2 kids who win all or most of their singles matches earn serious national points).

4. Too close to hard courts. Very much agree. In fact it's a couple of days after the CLAYS & exactly one week prior to the hard courts. Few kids are able to do all three of these events. I wish they'd move one to late June.

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