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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Using the average opening area of the 8 x 8 center rectangle (8 center main distance x 8 center cross distance / 64), here are values for a few of my frames in my collection (in sq. mm), ranked from most dense to most open:

Weed Aluminum 22x29: 89
Diablo Mid 16x20: 96
EXO3 Graph Mid 16x18: 102
Prostaff 4.7 EB OS 18x20: 107
RDS001MP 16x19: 107
NXG OS 16x19: 109
O3 Tour OS 16x19: 111
POG Longbody 16x18: 113
O3 Red 16x19: 120

So quite a spread: My O3 Red is 25% more open than my Diablo - quite a difference, considering the pattens are almost the same. I string my Diablo at 47 lbs, my Red at 73 lbs. This explains why.

These values correlate reasonably well with my perceived relative directional control on volleys. Except that my Prostaff 4.7 gives considerably more directional volley control than the RDS001MP (at equal stringbed density), but perhaps that can be attributed to the much higher twistweight from the much wider head (115, or to the more torsionally rigid design? The 4.7 is the one frame of mine that seems to "play denser" than the pattern.
I have one for you. The ProKennex Ki5x or any on that line. It is a 16x20 pattern and I measured the center 8 strings like you said and I get 94.5.
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