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We can post many videos of young players and say this one does this good and this one does that good. Shishkina is no doubt a great player but Emira looks to be more of a natural athlete etc etc etc . Also - I saw the Shishkina girl while visiting IMG twice and although she is a good player - too much defense for my liking. Also really no pace on the ball. Tornado Black hits with much more pace than Shishkina. But again - they are young and more likely that none of them make it to the next level. This Shishkina girl may also have head problems later. According to many of the coaches I spoke to there, she has a reputation for cheating and is very full of herself. The mother is a nut bag - I watched her many times screaming at her while she was on the court. Who knows right?
Was at Zonals this week and it's coaching. Every kid from one section within the first 4-5 points accused his/her opponent of "cheating". Not just questioning calls but "cheating". Then they would forget points causing arguments and one "forgot" the game count. It was pathetic.

One of the kids who was getting hooked badly just told his son to hit it in. Meaning , hit with big margins on the lines and let the kid make the mistake and breakdown. As soon as his opponent cussed, flung his racquet or complained about the pain in his ( insert body part) you'd know it was over. Lots of bad feelings and a coach from one of the sections was screaming at a parent about being a loser, another dad was encouraging his kid to get "this kids autograph after you kick his butt".

Just weird stuff. One of the girls on the team screamed at her dad and told him to quit saying she was playing like a "f***ing p***y".

Brad Gilbert must be really proud that his Winning Ugly is the bible on some junior sections and coaches.
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