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Thanks for the interesting post.

I'm just curious, what are the specs for this generic, "perfect", "one-frame-for-everyone" racquet of yours?

It's a brilliant idea! You could save vast sums in R&D and manufacturing.

All those pros who don't care about specs (according to you) would be able to play with this one frame. There'd be no more of this misleading "Nadal's racquet of choice" marketing-speak.

As for a focus on equipment holding one back, you are 100%, absolutely, positively, wrong. A frame is a tool. The right tool helps, the wrong one hinders.

Based on individual physique, style, skill, and experience one tool will be more helpful than another. I disagree with your assertion that a frame designed for a 75-year old rec player new to the sport will be the same as that designed for a 19 year old who just turned pro. You may think they're the same but I think they would be vary different.

I went down your route of "whatever frame will work" when I started playing and bought the first racquet I found at Sports Authority that seemed to be discounted the most (ie high initial price but low sale price). The frame was stiff, super light, and very head heavy, a perfect recipe for tennis elbow. If I tried a full swing I hit long. I couldn't develop a proper stroke because anything more than a badminton "push" sent the ball over the fence. By Thanksgiving I couldn't lift a dinner plate due to arm pain.

That experience it not unlike the TW testing team. Read their reviews and based on frame characteristics you'll see constant references such as "I felt like I could swing hard without fear of over-hitting" or "I needed to restrain my stroke to avoid over-hitting". If what you say is true then there should be no such comments in the TW reviews. Their experienced strokes should be the same for all racquets, right?

So your advice isn't just wrong it's down right dangerous. It's the sort of advice that condemns noobs to the risk of injury and inhibits their skill development. And I have a perfect example for you.

A guy I met recently and who is now a friend recently took up tennis. He started out with a big box noob racquet just like I did. He came to an open session at our club to hit with us. His rocket launcher was impossible to control. It caused arm pain even though he's muscular and cut better than Nadal. He's a natural athlete but was just couldn't hit worth a darn with his rocket launcher.

I let him use my Pure Storm AND talked to him about the need to hit smoothly/loosely rather than just "hard" and he immediately improved. In just a few sessions with our group of friends over 2-3 weeks he went from total 100% noob to winning 2 of his first 3 matches in a local singles league (Peach Tennis) at 3.0 (not 2.5 or -3.0...solid 3.0). He went from tapping the ball tentatively with his rocket launcher to long, smooth strokes with the Pure Storm. His arm pain is gone. He's beating guys with years of experience even though he has just weeks of experience.

And there's no freakin way he could have developed so rapidly, so well, and so safely with that rocket launcher and even he figured that out.

Now I will grant one thing. This IS all matters of degrees. For some it's closer to "whatever racquet will work". At the other end of the spectrum are those of us who enjoy the fine details. What's that to you? Why does it make you so angry?

Finally, and most importantly, I (je, me, moi, etc.) use this forum primarily for information on tennis hardware. I spend far, far more time on the courts than on the forum. I hit just about every day. Serves at the very least, causal/practice sessions with friends/wife 1-2 times per week, and a league match once a week when in season.

While I've also received outstanding advice on technique here I prefer real-world hitting and lessons for skill development. Just because YOU are not involved with my on court activities doesn't mean they're not happening. It's really quite rude and arrogant of you to draw the conclusion that because I'm posting technical questions here I'm not developing skills on the court. WOW!!!
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