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I don't agree with Datacipher on many things (especially some "pro players or former pro players opinions), but I do like the fact that he usually has reasons for his likes/dislikes and he can provide arguments (albeit sometimes biased ones...) which show he has thought things through before making statements.
That's much more than most do on this forum.
Now...with regards to this specific topic...I think you are both "right" and I do think it's a question of degrees.
I do NOT think he said Big Bubba's and Prestige Mids play the same...but he said that obsessing over every minute difference in equipment is detrimental to one's game.
I have been a "tinkerer" and I'm now slowly going towards the trend of thought that most "reasonable" racquets will work and other things affect my performance WAY more.
2 hours less sleep in the night before the match will affect me much more than 5 grams difference between racquets.
I am starting to believe that if somebody is being reasonable with their choices ... the limiting factor won't be the racquet.
I don't believe there's much difference between how one will play long term with a Prestige MP or with a Fischer Pro no 1 or with a Pure Storm Tour (3 racquets with similar specs who are not "rocket launchers").
Same thing with regards to Head Radical's - Dunlop 300's or Pure Storm (non tour).
The minor differences in "power/control" ratios between such similar racquets can be tweaked with strings...and after finding a good string/tension combo for each and getting used to each ... our hypothetical player will play the same with all 3 racquets in my example.
Vantage 95, 63 flex : 337 g, 32.8 cm, 341 SW, testing various 1.35mm+ gut mains / Gosen Polylon Polyquest 1.24 mm crosses @ 25 / 23.5 kg.
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