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Thanks did read the post - our group of kids that had a great time are all good sports - one of the team won the Boys Sportsmanship award.

However there are some crazy kids and parents at all tournament. One of our players got a retaliation call on match point - ball was at least two feet in - player that was losing hadn't liked a close call two points before questioned the call but then called the match point ball out to make the score duece but to make things worse when he called the ball out walked off the court, crossed over a court where two girls were playing their match, walked out into the crowd about 50 feet to find a ref and then having found the wrong ref (not overseeing his court) had the ref call for another ref all while the game was still in progress. Parents sitting right there encouraging him. Match went to third set and that player lost with a double fault on match points.

Point of the story is that there are clearly parts of the country where the parents/coaches teach and encourage poor sportsmanship as a part of the game.
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