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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
But I say this to you knowing you are relatively new to tennis...and obviously have an avid interest in playing it....this is all BS. You have almost 700 posts, devoted largely to strings, racquets, etc. You were even so worried about a .2 oz difference in a frame, you were worried TW ripped you off. I say this altruistically, though take it as you will: the single biggest thing that will hold back your game, is your focus on equipment. Especially at the level you're showing here, and is commonly seen on these boards. At your level...though really, at ALL levels, it's completely trivial. Get a decent racquet that feels OK to you. Stick with it, and stop thinking about it. Play.

Yes, pretty unsexy advice for gearheads, but it is the real truth.
I know that when I picked the game up in 04, I didn't have a clue what I was looking for in a racquet. I picked up a new, cheap, soon to be updated Dunlop 300G. Ignorance is bliss, and I didn't think about my racquet, besides customizing it some according to my preferences, for the better part of four years. I simply bought several 300G's. My rating jumped a full "point" within a few years. Although the 300G was perhaps not the best racquet for me, I knew exactly how it would perform in every situation, and I won a lot with it.

Until around 07-08, I had never considered that there may a better racquet out there for me. I've tinkered here and there since that time: 1 year with a Blade and 2 years with a 300 Tour, always on the lookout for the "perfect" racquet. On the plus side, I've definitely determined the type of stick with which I can perform best. On the negative side, such speculation can lead to a perpetual odyssey: a search which most likely will not terminate with Excalibur. In fact, the epic journey will likely not end, if not awakened from the spell.

I currently hit the most appropriate stick that I've found for my game and playing style. And even knowing this, I've spent too much of the past half a year wondering if there just might be that "special stick" that's even better than my current racquet. I've just realized recently, on my own and through the advice of some reputable posters on these boards, that it has to end, if I am to continue improving my game.

As good as these boards are for tennis helps, I think that they can be an obstacle to experiencing improvement on the court. I couldn't agree more with your post, although I've been guilty of that which you speak.

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