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Again, I didn't say they weren't happening. If you really want to be honest, maybe you should go back, take a deep breath, and reread my post. I am telling you that this focus is a waste of time and energy, in regards to improving your game. That has nothing to do with your on-court efforts. If improvement is your primary goal, then I certainly hope you are doing those, and I hope this does not come at the expense of the other. You are asserting it does not. That is good.
I'm "asserting" that it does not? How do you know so much about me?

You're describing my interest in certain details as a "problem". Just how the heck would YOU know if it's inhibiting my development? Have I hit with you enough times for YOU to make that assertion? Do you have amazing powers of telepathy which allow you to see my development from afar?

How exactly did you determine it was a waste of time? Are you stalking me? That's pretty creepy.

Your OP and this massive explanation just drips with arrogant assumptions on your part. You've only seen my posts on a forum dedicated to tennis hardware. From that you assume that's ALL I'm focused on. You have no idea how wrong you are.

Last summer I had no idea there were different ways to grip a racquet! Over the last year, with research, lessons, practice, and court time, I developed a solid continental grip for serves and volleys, something of a moderate western for forehands, and standard one handed backhand.

I played racquet ball in college and went from a wristy/arm-y swing to using my legs and core for power. I'm dealing with an ankle injury and to my delight now realize just how much I use my legs now when swinging since I can't swing with this injury!!!

I went from being terrified to serve in matches to now having a solid and consistent serve with better form than my 3.0/3.5 friends. I don't dink serve or "waiter serve". I have a proper first serve and kick serve.

Can excessive racquet changing cause problems? YES! Precisely because they're different. Changing too often messes with your strokes.

But it took a lot of rapid experimentation to find what I enjoy. And being a technical type I really enjoyed that process! I've enjoyed exploring different types of frames and strings and learning how they work. I've also enjoyed settling on a specific set of specs that really work for me. Now it's just a matter of tiny adjustments and refinements but why does that matter to YOU?

Here's what I've learned about racquets: the better the fit I've achieved between the racquet and my mind/body the better I've played because, at some point, the racquet no longer exists in my mind. There's just my will and the ball and I can put it where I want. Currently the PSLGT does that for me.

When I've tried racquets that don't fit me I'm fully aware of the racquet's presence, it's weight, it's balance, it's string behavior, and it distracts from my playing experience.

In fact, a better player COULD play with anything and not be distracted since they have the skill and experience to play with anything. What I've been doing is finding a seamless link with a racquet that "fits me like a glove" so, as a new player, I can focus 100% on technique and skill development rather than fighting the racquet.

It's like trying to learn how to ride a bike that's stuck in 10th gear or too large or too small or too heavy. Could one learn how to ride such a bike? Yes. But what's the point in making it HARDER with ill-fitting equipment?
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
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