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Originally Posted by Erman View Post
Was at Zonals this week and it's coaching. Every kid from one section within the first 4-5 points accused his/her opponent of "cheating". Not just questioning calls but "cheating". Then they would forget points causing arguments and one "forgot" the game count. It was pathetic.

One of the kids who was getting hooked badly just told his son to hit it in. Meaning , hit with big margins on the lines and let the kid make the mistake and breakdown. As soon as his opponent cussed, flung his racquet or complained about the pain in his ( insert body part) you'd know it was over. Lots of bad feelings and a coach from one of the sections was screaming at a parent about being a loser, another dad was encouraging his kid to get "this kids autograph after you kick his butt".

Just weird stuff. One of the girls on the team screamed at her dad and told him to quit saying she was playing like a "f***ing p***y".

Brad Gilbert must be really proud that his Winning Ugly is the bible on some junior sections and coaches.
I was at Boys zonals and it was pretty calm...
Except for one match ( not bad out of 30 boy single matches!!!!!!)
There was one boy playing one of our boys who cheated on every major point.
So, all the kids (boys and girls) were infuriated and cheered for our player,
and then the parent of the other boy complained to the ref that the kids were too loud ( it is a team event?)..
Then, the ref finally came over and watched the match.

The only other thing I noticed was that the ref at the first players meeting said the deity rule would be enforced.
And I did hear the word Jesus being screamed from many courts, and I am sorry, but that is is offensive,
and there were no point suspensions...
so just more empty words from the refs...

BTW, I was at a different zonal from you.....

Sorry, it was a bad experience, but, I would recommend complaining to your sectional office and then cc the national office on the same email. This has worked well in our section and the bad kids are now not getting away with some of the CRAZY, cheating behavior.

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