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Originally Posted by mars76 View Post

The pics i posted i copied from some one else post. i will replace them once i take pictures of my racquets. Both of mine are mid plus. It says 630 cm ^ 2

Another thing i noticed is at 2'0 clock on the racket frame i just saw "twin".

Some of other posters mentioned (or the pics i saw has twin tube !!)..

This Radical came out between 1995-1997. It is Radical Tour with Twintube (Zebra). 1998 Radical Tour is Yellow with some silver and red. Nice and soft racquet with healthy swing-weight.

I think the green Head Tour Xtra Long came out about the same time as the Zebra (no Twintube). It is pretty much the same as Head Pro Tour 280 with an extra inch (28 inches).

Top 3 Head Radical Tour MP(Zebra), The bottom is 1998 Radical Tour MP. Made in Austria

1998 Head Radical Tour MP. Made in Austria

Head Tour Xtra Long MP. Made in Austria
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