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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
No, but the USTA has a responsibility to promote fair play for all it's participants. That's one of the primary things a sports governing body is supposed to do.
It is nice to come on this board, and learn that everyone is frustrated by:
the lack of refs at the tournament,
or the lack of competency of the refs,
or the refs that are too busy talking to each other,
or the refs that are eating lunch,
or the refs that are on the court, but say, "Sorry, I wasn't watching".
or the kids cursing, throwing their racquets, cheating, parents coaching, etc.

Folks, you have to document it.

Eventually, the sectional and national office do have a stack of complaints on kid x....

We had one kid from our section at zonals who cheated every match.
The parents from other sectionals were upset and said they would be putting it in writing....
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