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Howdy gang... Hey, nice love-fest going on above ^^^ there. You two should get a room together for the weekend in Vegas and let us know how it goes for yuz.

Not interested in either agreeing or disagreeing with anyone concerning the string pattern density deal. I've noticed myself how much patterns can vary depending on the hoop size and string hole locations - 18 mains isn't just 18 mains, etc.

I gave up on worrying about string patterns after I got myself a Prince NXG mid. That frame is reeeeeally soft, has an 18x20 pattern, and a 92" hoop, but it's easily one of the nastiest spin factories I've ever used on the courts. It took any assumptions I had about dense vs. open patterns and threw 'em right out the window.

Now I just encourage our pals here to try racquets instead of assuming anything about their performance because of the string layout. I'm convinced that it's only a mild contributor to any racquet's personality.
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