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Originally Posted by tennisnoob3 View Post
how old?

shows how far quality parenting goes
16 year old... just amazing mouths on some of the kids. I heard more F-bombs and "Jeezus C...." , just mouthy stuff than I'd heard in a long time. I have to say that the racquet abuse was non-existent DURING the matches when an official gave a player a warning, then a point penalty on set point. BOTH teams just sat there with their mouths open asking, "did he just do that? whoa..."

If the officials wanted to they were good. Came when they were asked and basically didn't put up with anything. In fact one match the official stated in no uncertain terms that unless it was the score that neither player was to comment in any manner to the other player after a rather contentious start. This was after 4 games in the first set.

Looking back it's just pathetic. The 12-16 year olds are not getting the mental toughness by relying on the gamesmanship b.s. It's becoming like wrestling. Especially the line calls and score challenges in order to somehow get an "edge" when you want to hook someone or distract them in order to break their concentration. Oh well, it takes all kinds and I'm sure that it's never going to change.
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