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Brad Gilbert's book is not like that at all. It does go into gamesmanship such as a club player who warms up early, then pretends to show up late to a match and not have time to warm up. Gamesmanship like that, and Brad is careful to say even that is a little skeevy. He NEVER advocates cheating at all. In fact just the opposite.

Winning Ugly is about knowing which games mean more in a set and match. When to go for it, when to play defense. When to drop shot, when to use angles. He does advocate taking extra time if you are struggling to try and throw an opponent off who is rolling....but he mentions it must be done within the rules.

He also tells about the garbage Connors and Mac got away with back in the day. He says it worked for them but he also says the tournament organizers did it to keep big money guys happy. He talks about it matter of factly, not as an advocate.

Erman seriously misunderstood the book. The main point he makes over and over is that many tennis players have no clue about little things such as which games mean more, when to use legal gamesmanship, etc. He tells how many players don't even attempt to scout opponenents by asking around about their styles.

Stuff like that.....not cheating.

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