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Originally Posted by Tennis Phanatic View Post
In my opinion this is what is ruining USTA league tennis, when USTA league officials look the other way instead of doing the right thing and at least trying to end obvious cases of sandbagging.

The 4.0 TN team is a perfect example of a team that pushes the rules as far as possible and no one does anything about it. They have players from three states (Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky) on the team, which should not be allowed, although it is not against the rules. This team already had one sandbagger (Stepehn Juel) get DQ'd, even though he did his best to stay down by retiring several matches he was winning. They also have another self-rated player (Michael Garner) who has only played 3 matches. You don't have to be a genius to figure out he is sandbagging and will probably destroy everyone at sectionals. This is a perfect example when USTA should step in and not allow this player to play at sectionals.
Stephan Juel played 4.5. He was hurt. One 4.5 match he barley completed due to injury. The only one he won he was cramping against an average 50 yr old + 4.5 at best. But you were there, right? So I'm sure you know best.

Michael has been bumped to 4.0. I'm sure you know him too and his playing ability.

File a protest if you're so sure of yourself. Let us know your results.
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