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Thanks for all the advice guys. I have a Silent partner swing, which is basically a 2-point system. I don't want to string cross tighter because of the string bed feel. I have this shortening problem with a HEAD prestige youteck and POG OS, but not on Boris Becker London. And I *think* the HEAD and POG, when previously strung by pro/TW, didnt have this problem.

I've thought about but am hesitant to stretch the frame longitudinally when mounting, because I think it will completely screw up the tensions.

What I'm thinking of doing are

- Not increasing the tensions of the last mains when tie off. I always increase 10 lbs to compensate for tension loss but I dont think last main tension matters to performance.

- Increasing the first and last 2 or 3 crosses tension by 1 to 2 pounds.

By doing so I will reduce the longitudinal tension by about 25 lbs which should help.
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