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I never said anything about Kentucky being “cheaters” and don’t know anything about their players or the Tennessee team or their players, or really any other teams in the Sectionals for that matter. All I know is that the Alabama player/captain who was posting on here last year made allegations about the Kentucky team they beat in the finals having improper self-ratings; however, as you said, and as I asked him last year, what does that say about the Alabama team since they beat the very Kentucky team he was complaining about???

As far as this year’s Kentucky team, I just said, on paper, they looked strong as they had a number of players who played at higher levels years ago (4.5/5.0) and then they had a self-rate, who had an odd score that makes it look like they were trying to protect him. Now, why some of those guys who used to play 4.5 and sometimes 5.0 are rated 4.0’s today, I don’t know. Maybe they got bumped down by the computer b/c they didn’t do well in those higher levels years ago. Maybe they were injured at some point and were granted medical appeals. Maybe they sat out of league for a couple of years and were able to re-rate two years ago before the USTA closed that loop-hole last year. Maybe there is some legitimate explanation why their “self-rate” player who won all of his 4.0 matches against 4.0’s lost 6-0, 6-0 to two 3.5’s. Whether he was trying to sandbag to protect his rating doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not a 4.0 player. I don’t know.
As far as the state with the most titles and “biggest dynasty cheater” over the past ten years, I looked at the past winners going back to 2002 and don’t think there is one “biggest dynasty cheater” out there.

2010 – Alabama defeated Kentucky in Southern finals and won the NC;
2009 – Arkansas defeated Kentucky in Southern finals and lost to the Eastern section team in the NC finals;
2008 – North Carolina defeated Alabama in the Southern finals and lost to So. Cal. and Caribbean at Nationals;
2007 – Louisiana defeated Kentucky in Southern finals and lost to No. Cal and Texas at Nationals;
2006 – Alabama defeated North Carolina in Southern finals and lost to No. Cal in Nationals;
2005 – Louisiana defeated Georgia in Southern finals and won the NC;
2004 - Kentucky defeated North Carolina in the Southern finals and lost to the Middle States and ******** at Nationals;
2003 – North Carolina defeated South Carolina in the Southern finals and lost to Southwest, Caribbean, and ****** at Nationals.

Looking at those statistics alone, Kentucky has made it to the finals 4 of the past 8 years. Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina have all won it twice. Alabama and Louisiana have won a NC, Ark. lost in the NC finals, and the other winners didn’t fair very well at Nationals.
interesting research thanks..
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