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By the way he rips through his opponents with ease, I doubt will there be anyone who can atleast challenge Rafa in his entire career. Atleast, Sampras had Agassi, Rafter etc who won him quite a few times. As of now, no body (Federer included) seems to stand a chance against him. Nadal is only 19 and he can very well dominate the circuit for atleast 10 or may be even 15 more years. During this period, if he continues to annihilate his opponenets in the way he does right now which is likely the case and maintains the same form, he would end up winning atleast 35 - 40 grand slam titles. In fact he would win anything and everything that he enters. Don't be surprised but it's very well a possibility. I am not sarcastic but I am stating the obvious fact. No body has ever dominated the game with such an authority as this guy does. So tennis is heading towards a single man domination for the next 10-15 years with no real drama. That's what I feel. But it would be good if some youngster (Monfils, Gasquet or Young) rises up and at least throws him a challenge if not beat him though it would be highly unlikely. I don't like Nadal's dominance because of his brash, arrogant and ruthless personality and Nadal's fans can happily enjoy the game for the next 15-20 years where the game will have only a single winner in every tournament. Frankly, I can't think of anyone who can beat Rafa. He is beyond human. Federer fans and fans of other players can better stop watching tennis. Other players can only compete for runners up.
Get a clue, man.
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