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This is funny, I have never in my life had cramp problems, in fact I can't remember a single time that I actually had a full cramp, sometimes - very few and usually after a couple of hours after I am done playing tennis - I feel the starting of a cramp and then change position or do something to avoid it. The funny thing is that I love to eat things with vinegar and all kind of species, since I was very little I would get home and instead of having a bowl of cereal I would make a salad with lots of vinegar on it or just stop at the grocery store and buy a jar of those canned vegetables that are preserved in vinegar and eat the whole thing watching TV, never thought the vinegar could be the reason of my cramp less life until i read here about the pickle juice. Even these days I could eat a whole jar of pickles watching TV and drink the whole juice as it was a soda or something, actually I have 2 pickle jars at the fridge, I already ate the pickles, just saving the juice
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