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To continue my thoughts from my previous post, the 4.0 KY and TN teams will probably destroy most of the teams at sectionals because they know how to work the system and USTA officials don't do anything about it. I realize not everyone who plays USTA league tennis cares about advancing as far as possible, but most players do want to play competitive matches. It is no fun playing a match when you know you have no chance of winning. Over the past few years I have known personally and heard second-hand dozens of players who no longer play USTA league tennis because they are tired of the sandbagging that goes on with USTA continuing to do nothing about it. I think the problem will only get worse in the future as more and more players realize you can have fun playing tennis outside of USTA leagues.
Do you play on Louisiana or Georgia LOL i would guess Louisiana
kentucky is 0-2 and tennessee won a match that involved 4 tiebreaks... what are these other teams doing if its that close..

Looks like its gonna be Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee

but if kentucky and tennessee know how to "work" the system why is it in the last 8 years their combined southern championships thanks to research by tennis tater is a big fat 0...)COMBINED)
however Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina have 2 titles each in the last 8 years Alabama and Louisiana have won a national championship ????????????????????????????????

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