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Originally Posted by SmackDown View Post
The Alabama 4.0 team from Huntsville is rolling again - just beat
a very good Louisiana team 4-1. Whoever they will meet in the Finals
better bring it bigtime or it's gonna get ugly.
Bama is looking very good in the standings and are a very good team. But its not like they are blowing out the competition. And it hasnt "gotten ugly" with anyone in their division, I'm not sure why one would expect that to happen in the finals. They got 3 third set wins over Louisiana (with 4 matches going to 3 rd sets) and 2 third set wins against Kentucky. A few points here and there, they could have two losses. They even squeaked by Arkansas 3-2. Like I said, they are a very good team and it wouldn't surprise me if they won the tournament. But I'm sure whoever comes out of the other side will be a very good team as well and will push bama as the other teams have.
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