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Originally Posted by rainman007 View Post
Do you play on Louisiana or Georgia LOL i would guess Louisiana
kentucky is 0-2 and tennessee won a match that involved 4 tiebreaks... what are these other teams doing if its that close..

Looks like its gonna be Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee

but if kentucky and tennessee know how to "work" the system why is it in the last 8 years their combined southern championships thanks to research by tennis tater is a big fat 0...)COMBINED)
however Louisiana, Alabama, and North Carolina have 2 titles each in the last 8 years Alabama and Louisiana have won a national championship ????????????????????????????????
I'm not saying this years Kentucky did anything to "work the system" as they seemed on the same level as everyone else in division 1. And having seen all the 4.0 teams at sectionals this week, there hasn't been any team that I've seen where I thought there was improper ratings, or someone working the system.
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