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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Alas, I am leaving the C10 Pro club in the near future. It has absolutely nothing to do with the frame itself with the exception of the weight. And again, it is not the fault of the frame, just that my shoulder can no longer handle the heft vs. college players for 3 sets.

I weighed mine the other day, and w/ strings/overgrip/dampener, it came in @ 12.6oz. I'm now looking at frames in the 12-12.2oz range to see if it helps with longevity.

Great frame, just too much heft for my 43yr old shoulder to handle. Look for some used 2008s in the 'For Sale' section in the coming weeks...
great frame but didn't have enough "teeth" for this kicking 60 yr old player. moved to 12-12.2 oz strung racquets and getting better results.
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