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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Yes, thank you. I have no problem at all with disagreement, that's what discussion and opinion are all about. What isn't so good, is when the other person just gets emotion and decides to "attack" with lies about what I said, and/or illlogic/insults. Obviously, we won't get anything productive done then. As for saying that I accused TW of ripping me off, you're lying. They charged me $10 for a racquet matching service that resulted in a delivery that was no different than a random Mfg. variation. They agreed and refunded the cost.

If people read the very first sentence of my OP, they'll know that I KNEW what I posted wouldn't be popular here. IF I really wanted to be flamed ever day, I'd post that opinion, every applies in almost every thread here...but I don't. In this case, I randomly figured "what the heck, this guy is a beginner to tennis...maybe he'll be in a place where he is open to hearing this, if I word it gently." eg. Not, "you stupid newb tech monkey! Take some freakin lessons!!!"

It turns out the post instead made him very very angry...that's fine. I stand by what I ACTUALLY said...but I know most who are active in this forum will disagree...enough said.
Based on your first post I suspect you've spent more time in the lab than on the court. You clearly can't discern the difference between discussion of tech and technique. They're two different things and, steady yourself as this may shock you, this section of the forum is dedicated to tech. There's another section dedicated to technique. Perhaps with more court time and, by your own admission, less forum trolling, you'll learn how to tell the difference.

Moving away from the creepy stalker troll and back OT, the MG Radical OS arrived yesterday and I immediately noticed something very interesting. Its 18x19 string pattern on its 107" head is DENSER than the 18x20 pattern on the 100" Speed MP. Won't be able to test it until Sunday or Tuesday but reports from other users indicate a high level of control. The difference in area on the OS seems to be concentrated on the edges. Effecticely Head took an 18x19 pattern, condensed it, and suspended it in a 107" head.
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
that 10 feet of lead tape has no effect on a frame...

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