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Originally Posted by OzNQc View Post
Hopefully TennisMaverick and others can chime in on aspects of the C10 Pro with respect to my T10 VE MP bats.

I remember seeing a post by Rush or someone who mentioned that the T10 VE MP was the direct followup of the C10 Pro rather than the DNX and PB sticks.

Can any of you remember this?

More importantly, can you confirm this in practical terms if you have played with both?

What is the sweet spot comparison between the two in practical terms?

I am not sure how the C10 Pros spec out in terms of Swing Weight but all my T10 VE MPs were 313-115 in SW which from memory, is well below the average SW of 320 measured on TW. I could be wrong there I remember someone saying that later production volkl models have reduced SW.

Anyway, how do your C10 Pros feel in SW?

Even better, have you measured your bats?

Once my 4 T10 VE MP bats die, it is time to look for new and similar candidates so all the info is appreciated.
The T10 VE MP was the direct follow-up stick to the T10 MP, which suceeded the C10 Pro, and was a throw-back to their heyday in the 80's with the VE TR 25 and T 9 30, but it was a fairly large diversion, since it was much stiffer. It could do everything, but it was definitely designed for the topspin hitter, and not the all-round feel type hitter which is usually associated with the 10 Line. Unfortunately, the market didn't like the traditional Volkl shape--although the T10 VE Mid is my all-time favorite.

The current C10 Pro is a little stiffer in the upper hoop, but nothing compared to the T10 VE MP. All 10s post C10 Pro, the T10, T10 VE, DNX 10, PB 10, and X10, all have much stiffer upper hoops. If you are looking for a replacement for your T10 VE MP, and if you want closer in material, weight and design, go with the London. Otherwise, the X10 325 is it, if you want to go heavy nano. It will do what you do with your VE with your standard shots, but much more with the difficult and emergency shots. It also has more bite. The stiffness level is similar, but the X10 feels much softer on contact.

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