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Thanks tennismav!

I'll make sure to check out some of those T10 VE MP replacement candidates at some stage. It won't be any time soon but it is good to know what is coming up plus they may get dirt cheap in the future! I checked out the stock X10 325 specs and it looks pretty similar to the stock T10 VE MP specs. Then again, the specs are only a starting point and it really is about how the bats feel in the hand in the end

By the way, I don't play my T10 VE MPs stock. I have modified my T10 VE MPs to make them heavier (350 g) and I love them! Also, I play a hybrid setup with the strings, i.e., co-poly mains and synthetic crosses. However, I do wonder what natural gut would be like in it again! I once played with gut mains and co-poly crosses (Klip adrenalin?). It really felt too mushy and lacked the power that I normally get. It was a very weird natural gut experience in comparison to those with the wilson hypercarbon prostaff 5.0 bats which I used many moons ago! Do you have any thoughts on this?

You are right about the topspin capability of the T10 VE MP and it being a solid racquet but there is one other thing, they have awesome power especially on return of serve!!!!! I didn't really understand what you meant by heavier nanotech being able to deal with difficult and emergency shots. It would be great if you could explain this further. In my case, the T10 VE MPs have been fantastic on the difficult and emergency shots too! They are the best sticks that I have ever played with!!! Moreover, the experience is sweeter because I have won and lost some incredible matches with them!!

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