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Originally Posted by PandaKing View Post
Good luck with that. You could just get that all for free by just working out smart. What a shame falling for that scam.
So you are suggesting that all of this is just common knowledge? I'd have to mightily disagree with you. What's wrong w/ purchasing a video series of workouts. It's like having a personal trainer right there w/ you for constant encouragement in your home.

It would be like me saying everyone should save their money and not take golf or tennis lessons because they could just train "smart." If it works and it helps you w/ personal improvement, it is not a scam! A scam is something that takes your money and doesn't work.

Maybe you should give P90X a try. I bet you'd get better results by following the program than you get by doing your current workout.

Finally, if you don't have anything useful to add to the conversation, don't come on here and spam what has been a useful and motivational thread for some of us. I find it nothing more than disrespectful and rude.
Back to using POGs. Why did I ever leave you dear friend?
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